For the majority of 2021, I have been running a private chat, and we have gathered an incredible amount of intelligent and experienced people within the crypto space and in real life during this time. What started as a place to banter quickly evolved into a severe investors chat.
Time passed, and we came to know and appreciate each other forming something you might consider a family. After a while, it was time to talk business and think about our own project, and that’s how we created the core team.
At that point, we had gained a lot of experience from so many other projects that we knew what we had to do to create a successful project. So we took all the good bits and added many of our own ideas, improving the parts where some failed and exploiting the aspects where others succeeded.

There were some great individuals around backing us in our channels, providing experienced input, and that’s how the roadmap and collaborations came to be. We all had the same vision. We care about people and each other and want to see all our investors prosper in the crypto space.

So the whole idea was based on making an ecosystem where people can connect and be safe, where consistency and sustainability are prioritized. As you know, there is a severe lack of safe spaces in the crypto world, so we strive to create one.
We aim to create a nice consistent passive income for everybody. And we are very dedicated to making everything we promise a reality, and we will always keep growing and evolving, ensuring we stay ahead on all new developments.

Currently, we will continue to use our experience and will work tirelessly with all the great people we got to know over the last year. Together we will create everything that will benefit investors and various selfless and trustworthy projects willing to connect to our ecosystem.
Our way of handling things is how we always respect each other in our chat. Always with transparency, honesty and a listening ear. This way, we make sure our investors are heard, and we create what makes everybody happy and entertained.
This beautiful project is our dream coming true and will heavily reflect our passion and love for everything we want to achieve. We prefer to be genuine instead of pretentious and will always act accordingly.
Mike - Founder














The initial 15% of the total VDORA tokens were first traded in presale, while at the same time, 60% of tokens were burnt. From the presale, 7% of the total supply was invested in liquidity, 1% went to marketing for contests, giveaways and payments in VDORA. The remaining 17% was reserved for the staking pool.



Through the Dapp developed by the team, it will be possible to stake the NFT’s from the 3D collection in exchange for rewards in VDORA tokens, proportional to the staking modifier of the staked NFT.

17% of the total VDORA tokens have been reserved for staking rewards.


The staking pool supply will be managed carefully over time to upkeep a steady APY. Moreover, a large percentage of the VDORA tokens obtained from the minting of the 3D NFT’s will be reinvested into the staking pool.

This process will be continuously monitored and managed by the team, both manually and automatically, by observing the most important metrics. In this way, the team will guarantee a healthy financial ecosystem with benefits for all stakeholders.



The dApp developed by the team will also facilitate a marketplace where users can trade any of the


Users interested in selling will select any NFT from their collection and provide the price they wish to get for it. After confirmation, the NFT will be transferred to the marketplace contract so that the dApp can manage a safe transaction between buyer and seller. At any point, users can choose to withdraw their NFT's from the marketplace, after which they will be unlisted, and the NFT will be transferred back to the user. 

Users interested in purchasing will be able to see an overview of all NFT's listed for sale, along with the price demanded by the owners in VDORA tokens. In addition, it will be possible to filter by collection, character traits and price. If a purchase is made, the tokens will be withdrawn from the user's wallet upon approval, after which the dApp safely transfers the tokens to the seller and the NFT to the buyer.



Through their experience with launchpads both as VDORA team and as individual investors, the team has identified critical weaknesses in existing launchpads.

Many launchpads charge excessive fees and commissions in an untransparent manner, often both in the native currency of the chain and in tokens that are dumped some weeks after launch. 

Additionally, in many cases, launchpads assume little to no responsibility for loss of funds through implementation errors, fake projects, or other scams surrounding the launchpad, e.g. phishing links. 
With these experiences in mind, the VDORA team will develop a launchpad that is transparent, technically sound and safe for all parties involved proactively.



Over the last decade, humanity has experienced an ongoing transition from the real world to the internet.  
No matter if we look at social interaction, business affairs or the mere satisfaction of daily needs. 
Real-world interactions become less critical increasingly as almost every aspect of life can be satisfied by internet solutions.

Creating virtual worlds was only a logical step from the ongoing revolution we witnessed. 
With further development, Metaverses will get even more immersive.

Therefore we believe that lots of life's aspects being represented on WEB 2.0 will play an even more significant role on WEB 3.0, especially those facilitated by the possibility of immerse interaction in a virtual world.

Early adopters carry a great chance to position their business while those who fail to adapt will be left behind.

But most importantly, we discovered Metaverse as an excellent opportunity to interact with our community and grow it furthermore as VDORA is all about creating a safe space of experiences and services for our community.

Meet us on the Metaverse!